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Are You at Risk of Developing Peripheral Artery Disease?

Are your legs hurting you even when you’re lying down? Do you frequently experience numbness or weakness in your legs? Then you might have or be at risk of developing peripheral artery disease.

PAD makes steady blood flow a challenge. Your body builds up plaque in your arteries that makes it more difficult for your blood to pump freely throughout your body. This makes getting healthy blood cells to areas that need it the most more difficult.

Without care, you could risk serious side effects, such as stroke or heart attack. Another area that is especially vulnerable to damage is your feet.

PAD Symptoms

Peripheral artery disease isn’t obvious. In fact, most people don’t know they have it until it is too late. Monitoring your body for these symptoms will help you distinguish whether you could be at risk of PAD. If you notice any of these common symptoms, it’s time to seek treatment right away.

  • Pain in your legs, especially while lying down

  • Weakness or numbness in your feet or ankles

  • Abnormally cold feet

  • Difficulty healing sores or foot ulcers.

Without treatment, these seemingly innocent symptoms could turn more serious, causing foot complications such as infection. Over time, this will increase your risk of needing an amputation.

Are You at Risk?

There are certain risk factors that make you more likely to develop these and other PAD symptoms. Common risk factors include:

  • Diabetes

  • Smoking

  • Being overweight or obese

  • High blood pressure

  • High cholesterol

  • Aging

  • Family history of heart disease

If you have any of these risk factors, it’s important that you talk to a doctor. Even with minor PAD symptoms and minimal risk factors, monitoring this condition so that it does not worsen over time is critical to your long-term health.

A Podiatrist Can Help

Talk to your podiatrist about your symptoms and concerns. With just a few non-invasive tests, you can learn more about your overall health and how to take the necessary precautions to avoid injury or amputation.

Call us today to schedule your appointment and learn more about how PAD impacts your long-term foot health.