Even seasoned athletes make mistakes, and we’re not just talking about accidentally forgetting a jersey or running the wrong way for a touchdown and scoring for the other team! No, we’re talking about errors made in training that increase risk of injury. Here’s a list of common mistakes athletes make so you can hopefully learn from them and not get hurt yourself!

Sports Injury

Fall Sports Fails:

  1. Not allowing enough time to recover. Athletes who never take a break or skip cooling down and stretching after activity are more prone to injury. Even a warm bath or massage would help!

  2. Not getting enough sleep. This is time your body takes to heal – don’t pass up a nap! A well-rested body performs better and is less apt to get hurt. 

  3. Unhealthy eating habits. Just because you’re burning calories, doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want. A healthy diet keeps you strong and performing at your best, as well as reducing your chance of injury.

  4. Doing too much too soon. Increasing the intensity or duration of your training workouts too quickly is asking for trouble! It’s safer to gradually build upon your routine.

  5. Not warming up properly. Cold, tight, and unprepared muscles are more likely to pull and strain. Take 10 minutes or so to warm up your body prior to activity.

  6. Ignoring pain. Never push through an injury. It’s better to seek treatment and address a problem before it gets worse.

  7. Not worrying about form. Poor biomechanics and incorrect technique increase risk of injury. Don’t underestimate the importance of practicing proper form and correcting biomechanical issues with custom orthotics.

  8. Wearing worn out shoes. It’s essential that you are wearing shoes with features specific to your sport, and that you replace this footwear as soon as you notice a decrease in cushion, support, and tread. If you need help with this, we know just the place!

  9. Overdoing it. Overuse injuries occur due to repetitive stress. Excessive training and never cross-training with low-impact exercise is a dangerous road to take!

  10. Not Doing enough. The opposite of overdoing it, the weekend warrior types that dive into activity without enough training to properly prepare are inviting an injury to occur – don’t do it!

Learn from these mistakes many athletes make, and hopefully your fall sports season won’t be spent on the bench! If you do sustain an injury or have foot or ankle pain of any kind, don’t hesitate to give us a call and set up an appointment. You can reach any of our PA offices by dialing (717) 757-3537.

Have a safe and injury-free fall season!

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