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Find Helpful Insight on Our Blog From the Pennsylvania Foot and Ankle Doctors

We believe in offering you up-to-date information about the latest treatments and tips to help with your foot pain. Check back to our blog by our Adams County foot and ankle doctors regularly to find details about how you can help your feet and ankles feel better.

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  • 4 Things You Should Know About Orthotics Custom orthotics still tend to get a bad rap based on some misconceptions from the past. The experts at Martin Foot and Ankle in Lancaster, PA discuss why orthotics don’t deserve a bad rap.
  • Understanding Diabetic Wounds The better you understand diabetic wounds—including the factors that contribute to them—the better your ability to prevent this serious medical problem – or at least catch it early so the team at Martin Foot and Ankle can provide the treatment you need.
  • No Spring Break for Children’s Foot Care Just because your kids are out of school for a bit doesn’t mean they can slack on their foot care and hygiene! Read on for our tips on how to teach your kids to take care of their feet and avoid infections and injuries.
  • Stay Able with Stable Ankles – How to Avoid Ankle Instability Ankle instability can be a major problem – one that can impact your ability to perform favorite activities. Fortunately, it’s also one that you can avoid if you take the right measures. If you need treatment for ankle instability—or want to learn how to reduce your risk—the Martin Foot and Ankle team is here to help!
  • How You Treat Bunions Bunions can cause pain and difficulty, so it’s only natural to want them treated. The team at Martin Foot and Ankle discuss how to treat a bunion.
  • Why You Have a Bunion The doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle want you to know your bunion wasn’t caused by high-heeled shoes. Instead, there are other potential explanations.
  • Is it a Corn or Callus? Corns and calluses are both caused by the body in response to force or friction, but do you know what the difference is between them? You will after reading!
  • Tips to Keep Diabetic Skin Safe Learn about why it’s important to keep diabetic skin safe, along with tips to protect your feet - the pros at Martin Foot and Ankle clarify.
  • Toenails Turning Black? We Can Explain! Not sure why your toenails are discolored? The pros at Martin Foot and Ankle discuss black toenails so you can know what’s going on.
  • Orthotics Make Great Running Partners If your foot arches are too high or too lower, orthotics can make great running partners. Another valuable running resource is Martin Foot and Ankle!