School’s in session for kids everywhere, but we’ve got a lesson for parents! You can protect kids from getting ingrown toenails by taking a few precautionary measures. Follow these golden rules to keep kids’ toes happy and healthy:

  • Kids' Ingrown ToenailsA.  Teach kids to trim properly. Always trim nails straight across without curving at the edges. Make sure they are not too short – they should be even with the tips of toes.
  • B.  Make certain socks and back-to-school shoes aren’t too tight. Tight footwear can squeeze toes and put pressure on toenails, encouraging them to grow inward. Check to make sure you can fit your thumb between your child’s longest toe and the front of the shoe, and make sure socks offer plenty of wiggle room, too.
  •  C.  If prone to the problem, keep an eye out for symptoms. Sometimes curvy toenails run in the family, or your child has a toe injury, plays sports with repetitive actions, or has gotten ingrown toenails before. If so, watch for signs so you can catch the condition early before it becomes painful and harder to treat. The flesh around the nail will become red and swollen, tender, and may even drain or feel warm. We can help with simple treatments that have long-lasting effects.

In summary, how can you help kids avoid ingrown toenails? The answer is all of the above! For more information on children’s foot care or ingrown toenails in children, call (717) 757-3537 to contact any of our PA offices. Whether your child is on the playground, in the gym, or walking down the hall, we’ll help ensure each school day is pain-free! 

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