Hiking in the woodsWhether you enjoy taking long hikes on the Horse-Shoe Trail or quick jaunts through the mall, having to deal with ball-of-foot pain (aka metatarsalgia) is sure to put a hitch in your step and provide for a less-than-stellar time. If you suffer from pain just behind the toes on regular occasions, taking some preventative measures might help clear up your canter.

A best first practice is to remove extra pressure off the ball of the foot and keep it off as best as possible. Your choice of footwear can play a big part in keeping things balanced. Opt for shoes with a wide, high toe box. This allows the ball of the foot to spread out more and reduce stress on the area. Heels often cramp the toes and force pressure up front. They’re a ticket for pain; the higher the heel, the worse you can expect!

Orthotics can add another layer of protective comfort to your feet, helping to avoid metatarsalgia with cushioning behind the ball-of the foot. If an abnormality in your foot shape is throwing off your distribution of weight, orthotics can also help correct this and prevent a hotspot of pain from developing in your forefoot.

Weight itself should also be considered. Losing some extra pounds can do a wonder for your foot comfort in the long run.

If metatarsalgia is persisting no matter what you try, it’s time to get professional help. Call the doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle at (717) 757-3537. Our offices in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz, and York are ready to serve.

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