If you are experiencing back pain and simple stretches and massages aren’t helping, it may be time to examine your feet! Your feet act as the foundation of your entire body, so if something is amiss in how you step or if you feel pain while walking, abnormalities in your lower limbs may be responsible. This blog will highlight a few common foot problems that can lead to back pain and how to treat them.

Back Pain

Common Foot Problems That Contribute to Back Pain

High or Low Arches: Without a natural arch, your foot is less effective at absorbing the impact caused by walking, running, or exercising. As a result, flat feet may cause pain beyond the feet into the shins, leg, and back. On the other hand, excessively high arches put too much pressure on the soles and heel. Pain in those areas can also be felt up the legs and back. Most often, this pain exhibits after high-impact exercises like running.

Foot Deformities or Injuries: Foot deformities like bunions can be painful on one side of your foot, causing you to favor the other side and may change your gait. Distributing your weight unevenly can lead to misalignment in the spine and cause back pain. Similarly, any foot injury that causes you to hobble or re-distribute weight can result in back and spine issues.

Ill-Fitting Shoes: Shoes affect how you stand and distribute your weight. As a result, ill-fitted shoes can often lead to back pain. While the most common culprit is high heels, shoes that are too flat or tight can also impact your gait and contribute to back problems down the line.


Recommended Treatment Options

Properly Fitting Shoes: Shoes that provide arch support, enough room to wiggle your toes, and allow you to walk with even weight distribution are a great first step to ensure your feet and back stay pain-free! If you are unsure how to pick the proper shoe, we recommend visiting The Right Shoe at our York or Lititz locations. All footwear sold at The Right Shoe is podiatrist recommended and carefully chosen to provide the highest level of adequate support and comfort. 

Custom Orthotics: Individuals with flat feet or other foot deformities may benefit from custom orthotics that fit into their shoes. These orthotics are custom-made to treat specific foot issues while providing the highest amount of comfort for your lower limbs. The process begins with an evaluation of your feet by one of our expert podiatrists to determine the orthotics that would work best for you.

Surgery: For individuals with bunions, other foot deformities, or serious injuries, surgery may be the best option to permanently alleviate chronic pain. A podiatrist will need to examine your feet to determine the surgical options for your foot injuries, but surgically treating a deformity like a bunion will allow you to walk without compensating for pain, pressure, or discomfort surrounding the area.

Couple Jogging

If you suspect your back pain may be foot related, or if you are experiencing foot pain that is not going away, schedule an appointment with us! We can help you identify the problem and determine the best form of treatment to get you back on your feet pain-free. Call 717-757-3537 or fill out our online contact form to schedule an appointment.

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