Burning feetSunburns on the feet are not as common as other locations of the body, but they can still happen. If you’re out with bare feet in the summer, or even in sandals out at Nissley Vineyards, you’ll want to keep an eye out for redness. But what about when you have that burning feeling in your feet and they’ve been in the shade for days?

The most common cause of burning in the feet is nerve damage, also referred to as neuropathy. Tingling and numbness are also sensations that can accompany nerve damage in the feet, and there might be increased sensitivity to touch as well. A variety of different conditions can be a contributing cause to neuropathy, but the most frequent are diabetes and alcohol abuse.

Poor circulation is often an accompanying factor in neuropathy, but can also be a culprit in burning feelings on its own. Peripheral arterial disease (PAD) can cause burning sensations as well, especially during activity.

Other potential causes of burning in feet can include inflammation or an infection. While a standard infection can cause a burning sensation, a fungal infection such as athlete’s foot is also naturally counted. You’ve likely seen the “feet on fire” commercials for athlete’s foot products.

These are only a few of the many causes of burning feet. No matter what be beneath that fiery feeling, however, the doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle can get to the source and offer the treatment to cool things down. Our offices in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz, and York are all reachable by calling us at (717) 757-3537.

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