Soccer ballNobody wants to see the brakes hit on an active child—especially due to a sports injury. There can be the fear of falling behind in sports or not being able to support the team, not to mention the general fidgetiness of a kid having to rest! Don’t fret just yet, though: you may have some options.

It’s true that most sports injuries will require rest to heal. Depending on the condition, though, a child might not have to stop activity entirely. In fact, we recommend recovering patients of all ages engage in exercise when they can—it just might have to be a different form of exercise than they are used to.

A stress fracture, for example, will keep a child from hitting the field or pavement, but swimming and cycling place less impact on the feet and might still be viable choices. Our doctors and physical therapists can help you and your child develop an activity program for long-term recovery.

If circumstances can’t prevent a lot of downtime, though, then it will be time to hunker down and help them keep a bright outlook until they heal to a point of being able to start activities again. Younger children might enjoy engaging in different craft activities, while older children might enjoy a movie night of their favorite flicks. If they enjoy socializing, make sure to have friends over often, too.

Sports injury recovery is not often easy and never desired, but the doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle will be here to help you through the entire process. Contact our offices in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz, or York by calling (717) 757-3537.

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