Do you ever experience foot pain, particularly in your arch? You might initially consider purchasing shoes with more cushion, but investing in orthotics may be a smarter decision long-term.

Custom orthotics are shoe inserts specifically tailored to your feet to support, cushion, and correct foot mechanics and eradicate pain. Orthotics crafted uniquely for you address the root cause of foot painthey don’t just put a temporary band-aid on itby correctly aligning your feet with your gait. Footwear choices are meant to support your feet to keep them protected and functioning properly, but sometimes shoes may contribute to the problem.

While a store-bought insert may provide a small amount of relief, a prescribed orthotic typically alleviates pain to a much higher degree than any generic orthotics can. Custom orthotics are prescribed by podiatrists, like our Martin Foot and Ankle team, who have the medical knowledge necessary to diagnose and treat foot and ankle issues.

In order to craft truly custom orthotics, our podiatrists analyze your gait and create molds of your feet. The inserts control abnormal motion, provide supportive padding, or a combination of both, making them functional and accommodative. We often prescribe custom orthotics to help treat plantar fasciitis, bursitis, overpronation problems, and diabetic foot ulcers. If these issues are left untreated, they can cause chronic discomfort and inhibit functionality.  


Our team of podiatrists at Martin Foot and Ankle is proud to specialize in custom orthotics that remedy discomfort, and now is the best time of the year to order! Since it’s already November, you may be eligible for a pair of orthotics through insurance if you’ve already met the out-of-pocket expense for 2020. Contact your insurance provider to ask about eligibility. 


While a generic orthotic may suit short-term needs, there’s a much higher chance that you can address specific biomechanical issues when podiatrists accurately assess your fit to design orthotics for you. Any orthotics that you buy and use should be comfortable and provide relief from any nagging lower limb pain.


Give Martin Foot and Ankle a call today at (717) 757-3537 to inquire about custom orthotics and to see if you’re eligible for a pair! Foot and ankle pain is never normal, and you shouldn’t have to live it. Custom orthotics may provide just the relief you need to remedy discomfort and correct your biomechanics. 

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