The summer season commences with outdoor activities, outings, and sports. Unfortunately, more time being active outdoors makes your feet and ankles vulnerable to injuries and other issues. Whether you’re an avid outdoors person or enjoy a short lounge on the patio, keeping your lower limbs protected this summer is critical to preventing long-term issues. This blog highlights a few common foot and ankle issues seen in summer and provides suggestions for preventing and treating them.


Broken & Sprained Ankles

Broken and sprained ankles are common for those who enjoy hiking, running, and traversing in the woods. Outdoor spaces like the forest, beach, and remote trails offer uneven surfaces and tripping hazards like rocks, shells, and branches. One wrong move can result in a painful sprain or break in your lower limbs. Some break or sprain accidents are unavoidable; however, to help reduce your chances of a lower limb injury, always wear the proper shoes for your specific activity and keep an eye on the areas ahead and under your feet.

mowing grass


Tendonitis is inflammation of the thick fibrous cords that attach muscle to bone and can arise in those who frequently mow their lawn. The repetitive motion of moving equipment can place pressure on the fibrous cords in your feet and ankles. To help avoid this common injury, wearing supportive shoes with a steel toe is essential to provide additional protection against a severe accident. Additionally, for larger landscapes, taking breaks is critical to avoid overworking or overextending your lower limbs and gives you a moment to relax your feet. 



Many of us enjoy lounging poolside all summer. While applying sunscreen is always good practice before heading to the pool or beach, people often forget to exercise the same care and consideration to their feet and ankles. Before heading to the beach or pool, be sure you have protective footwear for the specific location you’ll be going to, and consider what your feet may be exposed to. For example, will there be shells, rocks, glass, or other sharp objects? If so, water shoes may be an excellent option to help keep your feet free from cuts and scrapes. 

Injuries like cuts on the feet and ankles can quickly worsen and are particularly vulnerable to infection. If you experience a puncture wound in your lower limbs, thoroughly wash your feet with warm water and soap, change bandages frequently, monitor the area, and observe for signs of infection, including redness, swelling, and pus. We recommend scheduling a visit with a podiatrist as soon as possible if you have concerns about a potential infection in your feet or ankles.


Arch Pain

Arch pain is widespread during spring and summer when footwear is less supportive. Shoes like flip-flops and sandals often offer little or no arch support, which over time, can result in significant pain and sometimes injury. Instead of suffering all summer, consider visiting The Right Shoe for stylish podiatrist-approved summer footwear that offers support so you can enjoy the season pain-free.  

At Martin Foot and Ankle, we’re committed to providing exceptional care for our patients. Our team of experienced podiatrists will thoroughly examine your condition and help create a personalized treatment plan to get you back on your feet, living pain-free—call (717) 757-3537  to schedule your appointment.

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