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Find Helpful Insight on Our Blog From the Pennsylvania Foot and Ankle Doctors

We believe in offering you up-to-date information about the latest treatments and tips to help with your foot pain. Check back to our blog by our Adams County foot and ankle doctors regularly to find details about how you can help your feet and ankles feel better.

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  • Caring For Your Aging Feet Senior foot care becomes increasingly important the more someone becomes vulnerable to certain conditions. The doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle can help.
  • Prevent The Effects of PAD The effects of peripheral arterial disease can put a damper on your life and willingness to be active. Martin Foot and Ankle offers tips for preventing PAD.
  • How to Fight Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Treatments for peripheral arterial disease can take the form of medications and lifestyle changes. Martin Foot and Ankle can walk you through options.
  • Preventing Forefoot Pain From Sesamoiditis The professionals at Martin Foot and Ankle can certainly treat sesamoiditis and other forefoot pain, but offer tips to avoid the issues in the first place.
  • How to Treat Sesamoiditis Is forefoot pain from sesamoiditis enough to drive you up a tree? The doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle share advice on finding comfort and relief.
  • Forefoot Pain Caused By Sesamoiditis Forefoot pain can be a monster of a problem. The doctors at Martin Foot & Ankle point toward the sesamoids as a possible cause of the problem.
  • Tips for Giving A Great Foot Massage A foot massage can be good for foot care, plus has multiple other mental and relationship benefits! The doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle provide some tips.
  • How to Avoid Pain From High Heels The foot specialists at Martin Foot and Ankle discuss ways that you can avoid pain while wearing high heels for special occasions or nights out.
  • Most Common Causes of Foot Pain When it comes to foot pain, Martin Foot & Ankle are experts in finding and treating the source. Here are some common causes of foot discomfort.
  • When to Visit a Podiatrist Something is wrong with your feet and you wonder if it should be checked. The Martin Foot and Ankle team in Pennsylvania explain when you need a podiatrist.