Summertime is here and warm weather means it is time to ditch the socks and heavy boots of colder seasons and opt for sandals that show a little bit more of your feet. If you want your feet to look amazing all season long, read along for a few tips to help keep them smooth, soft, and healthy!


Apply Sunscreen

Feet are often forgotten when it comes to sunscreen application, but a sunburned foot is especially painful because shoes are an everyday necessity! Wearing shoes while the skin underneath is burnt and peeling can make a painful situation even worse. Always apply sunscreen to your feet, and be diligent about re-applying, especially if you are at the beach or pool. Beyond burning, the skin on your feet is also just as vulnerable as the rest of your body to skin cancer, so make sure you are using an SPF of 30 or above.

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Wear Shoes That Fit Properly

Wearing shoes that don’t fit can cause a host of problems including bunions, corns, calluses, and blisters. Choosing shoes that fit is the best way to ensure your feet stay comfortable and injury-free this summer! Shoes should also provide arch support and full movement of the toes, so opt for a shoe more stable than a strappy sandal or flat flip flop.

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Washing and exfoliating your feet daily helps you get rid of dead skin cells, and makes the skin on your feet look and feel smoother. In addition, massaging your feet while you exfoliate can help stimulate blood flow to your lower limbs, which can reduce pain from inflammation. Removing excess dead skin also improves the skin's ability to absorb creams and lotions. If your feet have been stuck inside bulky boots and socks, exfoliating with a salt or sugar scrub or chemical exfoliant can help remove extra buildup and get your feet sandal-ready!


Attend to Calluses

Sometimes a simple exfoliation is ineffective in managing hardened calluses on the foot. Using a pumice stone or emery board regularly can help you soften rougher areas of your feet. Adding this treatment to your weekly routine can help keep areas like the heels and balls of your feet soft and supple. If you are using a pumice stone or emery board at home, be careful to not over-sand your feet and cause injury. Breaking the skin could possibly lead to more pain and infection. If you have a particularly callused area on your foot, it may be because you are putting weight on that particular area of your foot. We recommend scheduling a visit with our expert podiatrists who can treat your calluses safely and effectively, while also suggesting conservative methods to treat an uneven gate or relieve unnecessary pressure on the affected areas.

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Avoid Prolonged Soaking

Although water provides the feet with many benefits, prolonged soaking in water can dehydrate your feet, especially in warm or chlorinated water. If you are a fixture at the pool or hot tub this summer, remember to give your body a break if your fingers or toes start to appear pruney. Pruney skin is the result of your body slowing blood flow to the fingers or toes causing them to appear loose and folded. If you are partial to a long soak, remember to moisturize after so your skin doesn't get overly dried out.



Moisturizing your feet after a bath or shower is key to keeping skin silky smooth! Following a shower your exfoliated skin is primed to absorb moisture, so make sure to choose a lotion or cream that doesn't include any harsh chemicals or scents that may irritate your skin. Dry and cracked skin is more prone to breaking or tearing, so keeping your feet moisturized is like adding a layer of protection to your skin.

If you’re experiencing lower limb pain or injuries that are keeping you back from enjoying summer fun, contact us to schedule a visit! Foot pain is never normal, and our expert podiatrists can help you get back on your feet, pain-free.

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