Sometimes it’s easy to know what to do next. When your alarm goes off, it means you have to get up (yawn). When the light turns green, you go (and you’re off). When your meal is ready, it’s time to eat (dig in). Simple, right? Even when it comes to injuries, there are instances when it’s easy to know if you need to consider foot or ankle surgery – a broken bone peeking out of your skin or excruciating pain every time you try to bear weight, for example.

Doctor Examining Feet

However, most of the time, there’s a lot of gray area. Symptoms can be confusing and point to various possibilities – swelling and bruising can denote a fracture or a sprain. Tendons may be irritated or completely torn. Sometimes, it’s hard to tell, which is exactly why you need to have your injury or condition assessed – so we can recommend your next steps.

In most cases, conservative treatment methods are tried first. These may include a switch in footwear, orthotic shoe inserts, stretches, splints, or simply rest and ice. If these are exhausted, however, and your attempts have been unsuccessful in providing relief, that’s the main indicator that it might be time to consider foot or ankle surgery. 

Other signs it’s time for a surgical procedure may include:

  • Chronic pain
  • Inability to partake in favorite activities
  • Worsening deformity
  • Increased symptoms
  • Negatively affected quality of life

If you’ve sustained an injury, are experiencing foot or ankle pain, or have noticed any of the warning signs above, come see us so we can help you know what to do next, and help you determine if it’s time to consider foot or ankle surgery.

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Sam Spangle 05/29/2018 03:51 PM
I have been rolling my ankle almost every day and it's getting really weak. So please get back to me and see what I have to do.
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