Shoes that fitHave you ever felt like something was made just for you? At the annual MakersFest in Lancaster, you might be able to get a custom work from a master crafter, or even make something yourself! Odds are pretty good you don’t make your own footwear, though, so how do you find the best shoe fit among the racks of your friendly local store?

Even if you know your shoe size—and you should make sure you’re re-checking at least every year—that does not mean every shoe at that size will fit properly, or that any shoes lying just outside that number won’t. Feet can change size and shape over time, and different brands can have slightly different criteria for their sizes, so it’s best to leave finding the best shoe fit up to your own feel and judgment.

The toebox should provide enough room to keep your toes from being crammed together, but not be so spacious as to have your toes repeatedly slide and smash into the front of the shoe. Squat down, keeping weight on the feet, and feel for the space between the front of your longest toe and the tip of the shoe. If there’s about half an inch there, that’s a good amount of room.

The ball of your foot (the widest part) should feel comfortable as well. If it feels cramped, ask if the shoe comes in a wider variant. Never expect to “stretch” or “break in” the shoes over time. Pinterest might love doing it, but your feet certainly won’t.

Of course, always take a good test walk around the store in any set of shoes. Feel for any spots that may chafe or rub, which might cause blisters or calluses over time, and pay especially close attention to your heels to make sure the shoe doesn’t slip against them.

If you have a special condition that makes shoe shopping difficult, or would simply like some further advice on finding the right shoes, the doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle and the staff at The Right Shoe can help. In some cases, we can even make custom orthotics to accommodate special needs. Contact our offices in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz, and York by calling (717) 757-3537 or using our online form.
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