Some conditions in the body—including down in the lower limbs—are frequently mistaken for each other. When it comes to sports injuries, ankle sprains and fractures are great examples. A sprain is a soft tissue injury, whereas a fracture is obviously a bone injury. Given those key distinctions, why would people get them confused?

corn or callusIn this case, it is a matter of having similar causes and symptoms. Either injury can be sustained when a foot “rolls.” The excessive turning causes a sprain and bodyweight on the misplaced ankle can cause a bone to fracture. Additionally, both injuries can present with pain and swelling.

Now, corns and calluses are also conditions commonly mistaken for each other, but the symptoms and causes aren’t quite the same. Instead, this is probably a matter of both being thickened patches of skin the body produces for protective purposes. (Plus, they are frequently mentioned together as well.)

Whereas they are both skin issues, they each have unique distinctions so you can tell which is which. Specifically, they often vary in their appearance and where they are more likely to be found.

A corn is raised, often in a conical shape, and has a center that differs in consistency—either harder or softer—than the surrounding skin. Corns are frequently located in areas that do not bear weight, like between toes and on the tops of feet. Calluses are flat and typically found on weight-bearing areas.

Both of these skin patches are generally harmless, but they can pose a risk to those who live with diabetes. Either can ultimately turn into a foot ulcer, and that becomes a dangerous situation for a diabetic individual. If you find either of these conditions, schedule an appointment with one of our doctors to receive the proper treatment you need to keep you safe.

No matter if corns or calluses are causing you issues, Martin Foot and Ankle will handle the situation in an effective, caring manner. Our highly-skilled team is here for all of your foot and ankle needs, so schedule your appointment online or call us today at (717) 757-3537. 

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