The holidays are here again and people are out and about searching for those perfect gifts. Nerf guns, Legos, and Elmo continue to be popular toys for kids. The tech world has plenty of new “toys” available, too—Xbox and Playstation consoles, upgraded tablets, and smart watches are all out in time for the season. Whatever you’re looking to buy while Christmas shopping this year, chances are you’ll be spending extra time in stores and check-out lines to take care of it all. Eventually, all that walking and standing around does a real number on your feet.

You don’t have to let sore lower limbs keep you from finishing your holiday errands, though. Paying a little attention to them can go a long way. Make sure you wear comfortable, supportive shoes when you hit the stores. Avoid heels or fashion shoes with super-thin soles that don’t cushion your feet. Sometimes discomfort can be helped by stretches and basic exercises. Massage the bottom of your foot with a cold, round object, and stretch out your Achilles’ tendons. Some basic movements like heel raises build up muscle strength and help support your foot structures. After a long day of walking, remember to rest your feet so they have a chance to recover.

Taking care of your lower limbs now will help you avoid an unpleasant holiday interruption like heel or arch pain. That way your main holiday shopping worries will be tracking down those hard to find gifts—and saying in budget! If you are already struggling with stubborn foot or ankle pain, don’t ignore the problem. Often it only gets worse with time. Instead, contact Martin Foot and Ankle and have the source of your discomfort evaluated. Call (717) 757-3537 or visit our contact page online to reach us.

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