Pokemon Go!

Yes it's the latest trend, but it also carries the risk of injury while playing this new and fun game.Walking

It may be hard to believe that Pokemon Go and Podiatry have something in common but they do! They both start with the letter P and we are there for you when you trip, fall or run into something because you were trying to catch all of those Pokemon! Believe it or not we see injuries in our office in relationship to games such as the new Pokemon Go or Wii. These injuries are totally preventable by playing with a few smart rules.

1. Know your surroundings: in other words play these games in areas that you are very familiar with whether it be a local park or particular street you have been on before knowing certain hazards that may exist such as holes or curbs that may create an injury for you.

2. Wear sensible shoes: obviously going barefoot or wearing the flip flop in unfamiliar surroundings can increase your chance for injuring your foot or creating a sprained situation that can put you down for a few weeks. And you won't be able to catch all the Pokemon if you are stuck on bed rest! 

3. Do it during the daylight hours: Your hazards increase as your daylight dwindles. Summertime hours are more productive obviously but after about 9 p.m. the dark does set in and we become more prone to both injuries for unseen  hazards in and around our feet.

4. Look up and away from your phone every few seconds: don't just stare at your screen, look around particularly at the ground and/or hazards that may not be in your direct vision. 

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