Prevent UlcersBuilding toys are ageless. Legos have been around for decades. Tinker Toys and normal building blocks have existed even longer. Old as they are, these toys are a fun activity to connect with your kids and grandkids—which is why the Lancaster Public Library is hosting a free Legos & More event for families on August 23. If you have diabetes, make sure you wear good shoes when you go, so you don’t step on a Lego block. Even small wounds can create big problems, and you want to do everything to prevent ulcers.

Preventing foot ulcers isn’t hard, but it does take effort and good habits. You need to keep your feet clean, inspected, and protected. Cleaning your feet involves washing them daily. Use soap and water, then pat your feet completely dry. Keep your skin moist with lotion or ointment as well.

Inspect your feet for small injuries every day. Although problems like punctures from stepping on a Lego or a blister from your shoe start out small, they can quickly deteriorate when you have diabetes. When you wash your feet, check the tops, sides, soles, heels, and between the toes for breaks in the skin. Look for bumps, bruises, blisters, redness, discoloration, or coldness as well. If you have any changes, let our team at Martin Foot and Ankle know right away.

Make sure you always wear supportive, sturdy shoes, too, even around your home. They will help prevent ulcers by protecting your feet from sharp objects and cushioning your footsteps. If your shoes don’t provide the support you need, custom orthotics can help stabilize and pad your lower limbs to supplement them.

Simply investing in your daily foot care can go a long way to prevent foot sores. Your feet are important. Don’t take them for granted, especially if you have diabetes. If you’d like more information about diabetic foot care, or have noticed a problem with your feet, contact Martin Foot and Ankle in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz and York, PA. You can reach our offices by calling (717) 757-3537 or sending a request online.

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