Preventing forefoot painThe fall and winter seasons are when movie studios break out potential academy-award winning flicks and films featuring impressive performances, either by a star or a supporting player. This year, potential Best Picture-contending titles to catch include The Revenant, Son of Saul, and The Hateful Eight.

Some actors get top-billing and are eligible for Best Actor and Actress awards, but there are also those humble souls who win the awards for supporting performances. Not everyone can be a star, and in the body not all parts get “starring roles” either. The underrated sesamoids are a prime example. Unfortunately, when a case of sesamoiditis develops, the resulting pain can thrust them into the limelight.

Sesamoids are bones in the body that aren’t connected to other ones in a conventional fashion. One of these is your kneecap, but there are others, including two small ones in the front of the foot under your big toe joint.

Sesamoiditis is a condition that is rather common and causes forefoot pain for those who suffer from it. The injury is treatable, but why not take some simple steps to prevent it in the first place?

  • Ease into physical activity. If you are a new runner, avoid the temptation to run a marathon your first time out or think sprinting a mile is a good idea. Starting out slowly and gradually ramping up your levels of duration and intensity is the way to go.
  • Wear the right shoes. Pick supportive models that provide adequate cushioning.
  • Cross-train. This can be an overuse injury, so give your body a reprieve from high-impact activity by mixing in some swimming or bicycling into your workout program. (This will also improve your overall level of conditioning!)
  • Shed some pounds. There are an abundance of other good reasons to do so, but losing weight and staying in the healthy range for your height and gender will take pressure off those small bones.

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