No matter where you go, people are planning fun activities for the Fourth of July weekend. Here in Lancaster, we have the Old Fashioned 4th of July festival in Musser Park. This family-friendly event has games and activities for every age to celebrate our national independence. If you’re recovering from a sprained ankle, you may be wishing for your own independence from joint pain. Ankle therapy to strengthen your joint may be what you need.

Your ankles are vital for your stability and movement. They allow your feet to adjust to the ground underneath you, provide the range of motion you need to walk, and help your body absorb the impact of your footsteps. Making sure they come back strong after a sprain can help you prevent future injuries and avoid chronic joint weakness.

Ankle therapy works to build up strength in tendons and muscles to stabilize the joint, and maintain the range of motion so it doesn’t stiffen. Exercises can include:

  • Ankle circles – Sitting down, rotate your feet at the ankles. Do ten rotations clockwise, then counterclockwise, with each foot.
  • Heel raises – Stand with your feet apart. Slowly rise up onto your toes. Balance there for a second, then lower your heels; repeat ten times.
  • Resistance training – Loop a towel or resistance band around one foot. Slowly point that foot, pushing against the band. Do this ten times. Rotate your foot to the sides as well, continuing to push against the band.
  • Calf stretches – Stand facing a wall. Set one foot several inches behind the other. Keeping your back knee locked and your feet flat on the ground, lunge forward toward the wall until you feel the pull in your calves.

Don’t underestimate the power of ankle therapy for helping stabilize your joint after a sprain. If you’re struggling with any of these exercises, or your ankle continues to hurt, don’t strain yourself. Contact Martin Foot and Ankle in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz, and York, PA for an appointment to continue healthy ankle care. Call (717) 757-3537 or visit our contact page to reach us.

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