Running with bunionsRunning is one of those things that can feel out of your league at first, but enough dedication can see fantastic results over time. A walker can become a jogger, and soon enough they start signing up for events like the 5-mile Red Rose Run in June. Running with bunions, however, can be a very painful barrier to progress. It’s not one that’s always insurmountable, though.

A good plan for running with these misaligned joints involves some forethought and some aftercare. First, your footwear. People who have bunions have a tendency to over-pronate, or have their foot roll too far inward when they land. That means a good running shoe should likely have enough space in the front to keep from aggravating the bunion, but still enough support to keep the foot more stable. A trained shoe associate will help you out greatly.

Socks are also important. It might be easy to think that more padding always equals more comfort, but this is more of a personal choice. Find pairs that are comfortable, yet will not rub and cause blisters.

Taping or the use of a toe separator before a run can also help, and we’d be happy to show you how to effectively use them. There are also stretches and exercises that can increase blood flow to a sore toe joint, which can help after a run. One example involves sitting on the floor with one leg bent upward at the knee, foot raised up with heel on the floor. From this position, gently pull the big toe to the side, away from the rest of the toes, and hold for a couple seconds. Repeat 10 times.

Running with bunions can be a lot more comfortable with a mix of expert advice and finding out what works for you. The doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle are happy to help all runners reach their potential while keeping their feet and ankles safe. Contact our offices in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz or York by calling (717) 757-3537 or using our online contact form.
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