For those suffering from lower limb problems, Physical Therapy can significantly improve conditions causing aches, pains, and mobility issues. Physical Therapy is a healing method grounded in the science of body structure and movement. This method is a conservative approach to treating pain, restoring strength, regaining range of motion and movement ability, improving balance stability, and enhancing endurance using specific exercises individually chosen based on a comprehensive evaluation. The loss of or restriction in any of these areas could keep you from doing the things you enjoy most! This blog highlights a few reasons why Physical Therapy may be right for you.

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Reduced Mobility

Decreased movement in your ankle joints or consistent aches in your toes can keep you away from everyday activities like walking up steps or bending down to pick up something off the floor. It can even keep you from practicing sports you once loved! Strength training through Physical Therapy can help improve your mobility by utilizing low-impact exercises like stretches and toe curls to build muscle in the lower limbs allowing you to move more freely without pain.

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Chronic Pain

If pain relievers and ice packs aren't providing relief for chronic pain, consider Physical Therapy as an alternate pain management solution. Our podiatrists can implement physical assessments to pinpoint the cause of your pain and work with our physical therapists to devise a plan to address the issues causing chronic pain. In addition, your therapists will directly communicate with your doctor, ensuring your treatment caters to your specific needs, with the goal of relieving aches and pains that prevent you from enjoying everyday activities.

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Balance & Coordination Issues

If you feel unbalanced or struggle to navigate stairs or uneven walkways, Physical Therapy can help improve your balance and coordination, decreasing the risk of falls and subsequent injuries. Our therapists will discuss the obstacles you are facing and guide you through simple exercises that can also be practiced at home, giving you the confidence to traverse your space without worrying about falls, slips, or spills.

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Impending Surgery

If you have surgery scheduled for an area of your lower limbs, a Physical Therapy routine post-surgery may help improve your recovery time, allowing you to return to normal activities faster. If your surgery needs are not imminent, but you feel you may soon need surgery in your lower limbs, consider Physical Therapy as a first step. Sometimes aches, pains, and mobility issues can be resolved through therapy, allowing you to forego more invasive procedures that require a longer recovery and time off your feet. 

Don’t let injury or chronic lower limb pain keep you from your ideal lifestyle. Instead, let us help you get back on your feet. Physical Therapy is a valuable option that can treat a wide range of conditions and drastically enhance your quality of life. Contact Us to schedule an appointment today.

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