We all put things off, even when we know we need to do them. Doing the laundry. Going to the grocery store. Putting new tires on the car. There’s always tomorrow, right?

Stop the pain with bunion surgery!Lately, perhaps you’re thinking the same thing is going on with you and your bunion. How long has it been since that bump appeared on the side of your foot? A few years? A few decades? Maybe recently it seems to have gotten worse, or you’re having more trouble wearing your favorite shoes or getting through the day without pain. Maybe you’ve noticed blisters or corns start to appear where the bunion rubs against the inside of your shoe.

Is it finally time for that bunion surgery? Here are a few telltale signs.

  • You have pain every day. Generally speaking, if your bunion isn’t causing you pain, you probably don’t need surgery. However, pain every day is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be addressed as soon as possible.
  • You aren’t able to live the lifestyle you want to live. You find yourself shying away from activities you used to enjoy—shopping, sports, playing with kids—and avoiding necessary chores and tasks due to pain or loss of mobility.
  • You can’t find a pair of shoes that fit. The bunion has become so large that even soft, roomy shoes have trouble accommodating it comfortably.
  • You’ve tried conservative care options without success. We always prefer to solve issues without surgery if possible, and bunions are no exception. Orthotics, taping, padding, splinting, and modifications to footwear are all examples of conservative treatments we might recommend. However, if you’ve tried all these and are still experiencing pain, surgery is the next step.

The vast majority of people who do decide to get their bunions repaired surgically are highly satisfied with the procedure. Yes, recovery will take time, but in the long run it’s a small price to pay to get rid of daily pain and loss of activity.

Have you been putting off your bunion surgery for too long? Make a call to Martin Foot & Ankle to find the best course of action for dealing with your painful bunions. We are experts in surgery, but we may also be able to provide a conservative treatment option that you may not have tried yet! The bottom line is that we work hard to give you the best possible treatment and get you back on your feet. Dial (717) 757-3537 today.

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