Foot massageA good foot massage has multiple benefits. On the foot health side, it’s a great way to relax the feet after a long day of standing, plus a good excuse to inspect for abnormalities and problems. The latter is an especially important part of foot care if one lives with diabetes.

Of course, there are also the more romantic reasons: soothing the mind, showing affection, and forming a connection between the massager and the massaged. Even so, the reasons won’t matter if you don’t give a good experience! Here are some tips on how to work those fingers:

First off, a little preparation. A good foot soak in warm water for 5-10 minutes will help clean and relax the feet before a massage. Even add a little scented oil if you wish. Once finished, dry the feet with a soft, warm, towel. But hey, don’t forget the hands, too! Cold hands can shatter the relaxing mood in a flash. Run your hands under warm water first to make sure they’re a nice temperature. When ready, make sure the feet are fully supported on a surface such as a table or lap. This helps relax the entire body.

Lotion or oil can work, but something with a moisturizing effect always helps. Begin by rubbing the substance over the entire foot and just above the ankle before moving on.

It’s not all about rubbing and squeezing, either. Early on, you might want to stretch the foot a little to limber it up. Cup the heel in one hand for support, then gently use the other hand to move the foot at the ankle joint.

When it comes time to squeeze and apply pressure, use more when traveling from the toes to ankles and less on the return. This helps move excess fluid out of the feet and keep it from pooling as easily.

The overall techniques you use are up to you and what feels best for both parties. When finished, however, wipe off excess lotion (especially between the toes) and slip on some socks to help lock in the moisture.

We won’t help you set up a pamper date with your significant other, but we can help you with more foot care tips! Schedule an appointment with Martin Foot and Ankle by calling (717) 757-3537. Our offices in Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz and York are ready to serve you.
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emily bennette 01/23/2016 12:56 AM
My feet have been hurting quite a bit lately and it has caused me to walk differently. Which is causing my back to hurt as well. I am thinking that if I can get a good massage, the pain will go away. Perhaps I should start with the source of the problem my feet.
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