Most cities have emergency plans. They map out how to respond to natural disasters and designate the resources they would need to deal with a threat to their citizens. That way, if anything does happen, they can quickly and effectively respond to the crisis without scrambling around. Having an “emergency response plan” is a good idea for other things in life that happen suddenly, too—like a gout attack.  A painful flare-up can last a while, but timely gout treatment can help relieve pain and shorten an attack.

Symptoms of gout stay fairly dormant most of the time, and then appear without warning to cause excruciating pain. Prompt care for these sudden attacks is slightly different from the long-term remedies used to control the disease. Here are the some steps you can take when your gout strikes:

  • Get Help – Contact your podiatrist right away. Our team at Martin Foot and Ankle will see what additional treatments can help shorten and decrease your flare-up.

  • Ice the Joint – Gently apply ice to the painful joint. This eases inflammation and may help with the discomfort.

  • Drink Water – Since the uric acid that causes gout is largely in your blood, drinking plenty of water can help flush the excess out and prevent additional gout complications.

  • Take Your Medication – If you’re on medication to control your gout, continue taking it. You might benefit from anti-inflammatory medication as well. Make sure you check with your podiatrist before taking something new to make sure it will help and not harm you.

  • Stay Off Your Feet – Avoid walking around if you can. Instead, keep your foot elevated and relaxed as much as possible.

Flare-ups are usually at their worst in the first 12-24 hours, so don’t wait to get gout treatment. Call Martin Foot and Ankle at (717) 757-3537 to reach our Hanover, Lancaster, Lititz and York, PA offices right away, and get an appointment as soon as possible with Dr. Jeff Dunkerley. We’ll do what it takes to make sure you get the prompt care you need.

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