As the weather warms up, it may be tempting to kick off those shoes and let your feet enjoy some sun. Unfortunately, this common practice can be more detrimental to your health than you may realize.

Below, we explain the significance of wearing shoes and how they can save you from the dangers of walking barefoot this season.

Shoes Protect Your Feet from the Heat

Although it's important to keep your feet protected all of the time, it's especially crucial in high-temperature conditions. When the weather is hot, you can easily burn your feet without even realizing it. Something as simple as walking on hot pavement can cause third-degree burns. Wearing water shoes or sandals on the beach and sneakers on pavement will keep your feet protected from severe heat exposure.


Those who suffer from diabetes are particularly at risk for lower limb issues resulting from cuts, burns, and sores. It's very common for diabetics to develop peripheral neuropathy which is caused by nerve deterioration or damage in the feet. When nerves are damaged, you’re much less likely to notice pain. Going barefoot heightens your chances of sustaining a foot injury without noticing, which can lead to life-threatening infections and severe complications.


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Shoes Provide Necessary Padding and Support

Lower limb support is especially important for those with pre-existing feet or ankle issues. A properly-fitted shoe with support features will help distribute pressure, improve posture while standing, and assist in preventing potential injuries.


If you don’t enjoy wearing shoes because they are uncomfortable, you probably need a pair that is better suited for your feet! We highly recommend The Right Shoe, located in Lititz. The staff at The Right Shoe are trained and certified to help you find footwear that meets the unique needs of your feet—a fit so perfect, you'll forget that you're even wearing shoes!



Shoes Help Avoid Infection

By walking barefoot, you expose your feet to a plethora of harmful bacteria—especially outside and in public areas. These dangerous organisms can cause problems like athlete’s foot, plantar warts, and fungal infections. Avoid these uncomfortable issues by keeping your bare skin off gym floors, neighborhood sidewalks, public parks, and even your own lawn. Bacteria can arise anywhere, so it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry!

For those of you who love to feel the sun on your feet, don’t worry! There are still instances where you can safely enjoy the fresh air. Consider kicking your shoes off when seated on your porch, hanging in a hammock, or even lounging by a pool. Just remember to apply sunscreen to them and be sure to slip back into your shoes before walking around!
We hope these tips will help keep your feet healthy this season. However, if you find that your lower limbs start to look or feel unusual, don't hesitate to get treatment. Our team of expert doctors will assess your situation and find a solution that's best for you. Call our office at (717) 757-3537 to schedule an appointment.
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