KidsAlthough occurring much less frequently than in adults, bunions in children can be more common than you might think. While high heels and other tight shoes often get a share of blame for causing the deformity, it is often abnormal foot characteristics inherited down the family line that are the main underlying culprits. Ill-fitting shoes just tend to increase the risk of pain and swelling in the affected joints. Girls ages 10-17 are most likely to suffer from these painful bumps than any other young demographic, but boys are not immune from it, either. Having flat feet also increases the likelihood of the deformity developing.

If your child is dealing with a painful, shifting joint, it’s always best to have it addressed sooner rather than later. The doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle can provide a thorough exam and discuss with you the best options for managing the condition—whether conservative or surgical. Our offices in York, Hanover, Lancaster and Lititz, PA are open for you. Call us at (717) 757-3537 to schedule an appointment.