Pressing on Foot A diabetic foot ulcer is an open sore on your foot that can develop in people with diabetic neuropathy. Usually the wound starts as something small, like a cut or a blister. Over time, it breaks down into a festering sore that can easily become infected. Ulcers typically develop on the sole of the foot or under a toe. However, they can still appear on the sides of the feet, the tops of the toes, and around the heel.

It doesn’t take long for a foot ulcer to form. Diabetes is a systemic disease that weakens your immune system, making you far more susceptible to small injuries that can rapidly deteriorate into something worse. Neuropathy is a problem with nerves that have lost their sensitivity—often as a side effect of diabetes—making it more likely that you won’t feel small injuries when they happen. This unfortunate combination allows ulcers to form.

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