Healthy nails with flowersThere are lots of proactive things you can do to grow healthy toenails and maintain healthy feet. Wash your feet with soap and water every day, then check them for unusual changes. This is especially important if you have a condition like diabetes. Even if you do not, being familiar with your feet and catching changes early can help you address and eliminate problems before they become serious.

Skin can take a beating, so it needs pampering to stay healthy. Use a pumice stone periodically to grind down callus build-up. Moisturize your skin every day, paying particular attention to dry spots like the heels. Consider pretreating your feet with anti-fungal powders or sprays to avoid infections, too.

Your toenails need almost as much care to stay healthy. Trim them straight across every few weeks so they are even with the ends of your toes. Keep them moisturized and avoid cutting your cuticles. If you’re concerned about your feet or toenails, or you’ve noticed abnormal changes in them, let Martin Foot and Ankle help. Call (717) 757-3537 to make an appointment at either our York, Hanover, Lancaster and Lititz, PA, offices.