Toe sprainsIt is possible to sprain just about every movable joint in the body, and that includes those in the toes. A toe sprain can occur after jamming the toe against an object, landing awkwardly after a jump or fall, or the toe being bent back by force.

Sprains are commonly seen around the big toe joint and can go by the term “turf toe.” This is because it can frequently be seen in athletes who play football, soccer, and other sports that take place on artificial turf. Many times, the foot is planted against the turf, where it can remain flat before pushing off or falling forward. In either case, the force can be enough to injure the ligaments around the joint. Although “turf toe” has become the common name, it is not uncommon for a big toe sprain to occur in other activities such as running, dancing, and climbing as well.

A sprain of the toe can often be treated effectively at home, but it’s still important to have your injury checked out by an expert to ensure there isn’t excessive damage. Contact the doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle Institute in York, Hanover, Lancaster and Lititz, PA by calling (717) 757-3537.