Heel pain.

Children’s heel pain can have several different causes. Typically the culprit is some kind of overuse injury. Sever’s disease, or inflammation in the heel bone’s growth plate, is the most common source of pediatric heel pain. It creates an aching discomfort that feels worse when your child is active. A stress fracture is the result of repetitive pounding and strain on the bone. The hard tissue cracks under the pressure and grows progressively more uncomfortable. Active children may be prone to Achilles tendon issues, too, including Achilles tendinitis and bursitis between the tendon and the heel bone.

Since these are overuse issues, you can help your child recover with a little time and care. The sooner you have your son or daughter’s heel pain diagnosed, the sooner it can be treated and begin feeling better. Let the Martin Foot and Ankle team help. Call (717) 757-3537 to make an appointment at our York, Hanover, Lancaster and Lititz, PA locations.