Achilles tendinitisThe Achilles tendon can become inflamed when the tissues are irritated and overworked. Causes of Achilles tendinitis include:

  • Aging – the tissues in our bodies begin to deteriorate and weaken with age, making them more prone to injury

  • Repetitive strain – activities that put them under a lot of strain, like running long distances, doing an intense workout with lots of jumps, or walking long hours at work

  • Unaccustomed activity –not used to doing much, and then playing a wild game of flag football or other intense activity on the weekend

  • Worn-out shoes –footwear no longer supports your feet properly, stressing your Achilles.

  • Arch type – particularly, a flat arch that leads to overpronation increases your risk, as do tight calf muscles.

  • Bone spur – an abnormal growth of bone at the back of the heel that irritates the Achilles

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