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Our practice’s mission is to cultivate and maintain satisfied patients. Patients have both technical and behavioral requirements. It is our obligation to service both. Many patients feel a sense of anxiety or greater emotion when visiting a doctor’s office. An understanding and compassionate response to their questions and concerns can comfort them and make their medical experiences satisfying.

As members of the podiatric team, we must consistently demonstrate a pleasant and caring attitude to our patients. Obviously, there will be times when we feel frustrated and fatigued. Regardless, the patient should never be the object of our negative feelings.

The lifeblood of this practice is based on goodwill. Regardless of how effectively we externally promote our practice, the basis for growth will depend on our patient referrals. It is against office policy for a patient to perceive us as having a "bad day". Regardless of a patient's behavior, we cannot lose our control. To maintain a calm and caring demeanor is the sign of a true professional and a trademark of this practice.


  • Martin Foot and Ankle has been in business since 1978.
  • We are currently located in Hanover, York, Lancaster, and Lititz.
  • Our company has three main groups: the Medical Practice, Physical Therapy, and The Right Shoe (a shoe store). All groups are equally important and help to provide a superior experience for our patients.
  • There are 11 physicians currently practicing along with 100+ staff throughout all three groups, and we’re still growing!!


All candidates must possess the following qualifications to be considered for employment at Martin Foot and Ankle:

  • Have a positive, pleasant, and caring attitude towards all patients and staff.
  • Be able to adapt to and embrace change because the medical field is constantly changing and MFA must change to remain competitive.
  • Exemplify a true professional in everything you do, regardless of how simple.
  • Show dedication and reliability to your profession and your employer always.



If hired by Martin Foot and Ankle, I will commit to the organization's mission as described above. As a valued team member, I will abide by all policies and commit to the organization's philosophy of providing quality podiatric care.

I understand that if I am offered employment at MFA it is contingent upon passing any required criminal background clearances. The required criminal background clearances will be done for all employment offers for positions as specified by the Child Protective Services Law.

I understand, in an effort to protect the health and well-being of our patients, that if I am hired I will be required to pass a urine drug screening and receive certain vaccinations, including a PPD test, per company policy (accommodations for religious or personal health issues may be considered).


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