Your foot and ankle pain is no joke. You need fast help from professionals. When you can’t make it into our office, check out our library of articles about foot and ankle pain. We help you understand your problem and get fast relief.

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  • AlterG Treadmills The AlterG Anti-Gravity Treadmill is a tool we use to aid in physical therapy, injury rehab, athletic training, and more.
  • Confident Steps with Physical Therapy for Feet Physical therapy is a great healing and pain management tool, even for your feet. The Martin Foot and Ankle team explains what it can do for you.
  • Physical Therapy for Heel Pain Physical therapy can help relieve many different conditions. The team at Martin Foot and Ankle in York explain how physical therapy helps heel pain.
  • Physical Therapy for Arthritis Arthritis limits your mobility and causes pain. Dr. Bradley Boyer from Martin Foot and Ankle explains how physical therapy can manage arthritis symptoms.
  • Physical Therapy Martin Physical Therapy is conveniently located in the York, Lancaster and Hanover, Pennsylvania. For more details or contact information visit our website.