When people complain of sore, aching feet, most of the time that pain is in the heels or arches. This is the part of the foot that holds the most pressure and weight throughout the day.

If your heels or the arches in your feet are in pain, movement becomes difficult. You can’t move around as easily as you used to because of the painful sensation you feel with each step. Work becomes difficult. Household chores become more challenging. Enjoying your favorite activities becomes impossible.

When you have heel or arch pain, get the support you need to enjoy being on your feet again.

How Heel and Arch Pain Begins

Eliminate Heel Pain

There are many reasons why you could have heel or arch pain. Trying to self-diagnose this pain could mean that you spend time and money treating the wrong symptoms. In addition, you could be worsening the condition by not having a podiatrist get to the root of what’s causing you so much grief.

Some of the most common reasons for heel and arch pain include the following:

Plantar Fasciitis

There is a tendon that runs across the length of the bottom of your foot. This is called the plantar fascia. When it becomes inflamed, it hurts. This condition is known as plantar fasciitis and it is one of the leading causes of heel pain.

There are a few at-home treatments you can try to get relief. Stretching your feet, icing the bottom of your feet, or resting from high impact sports are some of the best ways to help your feet feel better. If your feet still hurt, you might need to visit one of our shoe stores to get new shoes that will support your plantar fascia while it heals.

If these types of treatment do not help, something else could be contributing to your plantar fasciitis or causing your pain.

Heel Spurs

Heel spurs are another common reason why people suffer from foot pain. Heel spurs, or bone spurs, are small nobs that form on the bottom of your feet. They push into the your heels every time you take a step causing pain and inflammation.

Treatment for heel spurs varies. You might be able to relieve your foot pain with just a few stretches and more supportive shoes. If your heel spurs are severe, you might need injections to minimize the inflammation in your foot. In rare cases, surgery is required to remove the spur and give you relief.

Gout or Arthritis

When uric acid builds up in your bones and joints it causes inflammation. This inflammation is painful and makes basic activities such as walking or jogging more difficult.

Often times, it’s not the uric acid buildup in your feet that causes heel pain—it’s the buildup in your ankles. This can put unnecessary strain on your heels and arches. See a podiatrist to determine the exact location of your gout or arthritis.

Delaying Your Appointment Means Delaying Relief

Making an Appointment

The sooner you see a podiatrist, the better chances you have of finding out what’s causing your heel pain and getting the relief you need.

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