Healthy Feet

When sandal season hits, are you too shy to show off your feet? Do you wear closed-toed shoes year ’round as a way to hide embarrassing skin and nail problems?

If you’re embarrassed about the skin on your feet and your toenails, it might be time to see a podiatrist. Nail and skin problems are more than just unbecoming. These problems could also be a sign of a more serious health problem.

Types of Toenail and Skin Problems on the Feet

Your skin and nails are subjected to quite a bit of abuse. From the rubbing of your shoes to the dirt and dust they walk on indoors and outdoors, there are many conditions that cause harm your feet externally. When your skin or nails are hurt, you need treatment.

Here are some of the common types of foot problems we treat:

Corns and Calluses

Anytime there is friction from walking or running in your shoes, you are at risk of developing corns or calluses. The skin on your feet will develop these hardened areas of skin to protect from damage, such as ulcers, scratches, or blisters.

Without treatment, your calluses and corns could hurt you over time. They could be painful whenever you step on them, or they could lead to a burning sensation.

Trying to remove calluses and corns on your own could cause infection or more pain. See a podiatrist for help.

Nail Fungus

Are your toenails thick and discolored? You might have a nail fungus that’s causing the problem.

Nail fungus is a common foot problem treated by our podiatrists. Using advanced treatment options, such as a nail laser, we are able to provide you with the fastest, most painless, and most effective form of treatment available.

Ingrown Toenails

Trimming Your Toenails

Ingrown toenails happen when the toenail is not trimmed properly and grows into the side of your toe. This often leads to infection and pain.

Your podiatrist will help you reshape your toenail and treat the sore part of your toe. This will help you get relief so that when you walk, move, or put on your shoes, you don’t have that sharp burst of pain in your foot. Treatment is also essential so that you limit your risk of an infection from bacteria getting into your open wound.

Athlete’s Foot

Do you ever shower in a public facility, such as at the gym? Do you walk barefoot at the city pool? Going barefoot in public exposes your feet to fungus. If one person has a fungal infection, it could quickly spread to your feet causing pain, burning, and dryness.

Treatment for athlete’s foot is usually very easy. Talk to your podiatrist about the best at-home treatment for this common foot condition so that you can avoid living with the frustrating symptoms.

Plantar Warts

If you have noticed small growths on the bottom of your feet that look like corns or calluses, you might be surprised to learn that these could be warts. Plantar warts look very similar to calluses. The big difference is the nerve endings that lie below the hardened skin on your feet. These nerve endings can make each step painful. Over time, your warts spread and grow causing your more pain and embarrassment.

Treatment for warts is easy. With freezing, minor surgery, or laser therapy, you can get rid of the warts that are causing you so much grief and feel better fast.

You Deserve to Have Feet You Feel Proud of Again

Healthy Feet

You don’t have to live with embarrassing blemishes and painful nail problems on your feet and ankles. Keep your feet healthy and regain pride in your feet with care from Martin Foot and Ankle. But don't just take our word for it - read what others are saying about our foot care.

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