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Trust your feet to the very best professionals. We at Martin Foot and Ankle strive to provide the very best in patient treatment and care. Check out why others recommend the podiatrists at Martin Foot and Ankle in Hanover, Lancaster, Litiz, and York, PA.

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  • A very satisfied patient whom travels from Carlisle to see her favorite doctor at Martin Foot and Ankle!

    I have been coming to Martin Foot and Ankle since March 2016 with heel pain had X-rays done and it turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis in both of my heels.Dr. Mulhern diagnosed it right away and was very helpful in what I could do to get it pain free, we did injections physical therapy and it worked for awhile then after coming to them for a year and I was still having problems we decided surgery would be the best option because I didn't just have the fasciitis I also had ankle instability with torn tendons etc. The ankle instability was part of the reason I was having the heel pain, therefore ankle reconstructive surgery was the best route to go I am now 2 weeks after surgery and am doing good. I still have ways to go before I can walk. I would not go anywhere else. I recommend Dr. Mulhern and Martin Foot and ankle to everyone they have the best staff and therapy. Dr. Mulhern cares for her patients well being. She explained the procedure and what had to be done and was upfront with the recovery time and what might or might not happen. I appreciate the time and care she gave me and my family. I lived in Lancaster when I first started coming to Dr. Mulhern and have since moved to Carlisle I still come to Martin Foot and Ankle would not change to another office the drive is worth it. Thank you Dr.Mulhern and Martin Foot and Ankle staff in Lancaster! Becky

  • A VERY Pleased Patient!

    Dr. Yorgason is an excellent doctor and surgeon. I'm very pleased with the care I received during my recent surgery and during my recovery.

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  • Patient finds relief after just a week!

    Its been less than a week and I am almost walking pain free. With a diagnosis of acute plantar fasciitis I never ever thought it could get better!   Dr. Mulhern was very helpful and nice. Her medical assistant was the same. After my appointment I went next door to the shoe store. The young lady there was friendly and professional. I love my shoes and my feet really love them. I am recommending them to everyone I know. From the first and last person you talk to the experience was a very good one!  - Happy Patient

  • Patient Can't Wait to Come BACK!

    What a wonderful experience for my first time, outstanding staff, wonderful doctor, great attitude and she seem to be very sincere and that was Doctor Kasper.  Thank you so much for such a wonderful experience never thought I'd say it but I'm looking forward to going back! -Happy Patient

  • 5 Star Service!

    Well, I've only visited Martin Foot and Ankle once, yesterday. Had been having big toe joint pain. Got the diagnosis of osteoarthritis and hallux rigidus. Not welcome news, but now at least I know what it is and what I can do about it going forward, from least aggressive treatment to most. -- But I was SO positively impressed with the efficiency and pleasantness of Dr Wilke, nurse Shannon and the front desk staff (Lititz office-I don't remember their names)! Then this morning I logged into the patient portal and was able to send Dr Wilke a follow up question. I also called to request "paper copies" of my X-rays, and immediately got sent the computerized images, again through the patient portal. Wow! The operations here are the most efficient I have ever experienced, and this is said from a former (now retired) health information manager.   PS - Also nice that the x-rays were performed right in the office and I did not have to have the delay of taking a script elsewhere. Dr Wilke had them "in hand" when she came into the examining room. - Happy Patient!

  • Patient extremely satisfied with physician!

    I have had the pleasure of having Dr Jeff Dunkerly as my surgeon and I could not ask for a better Doctor! He helped me out greatly. Did my left ankle and toe now did my right toe. Now recovery time. Which sucks. But the end product will be no pain. Great Doctor! -Happy Patient

  • The AlterG helped an injured athlete earn Gold in a triathlon!

    I was training for my first individual triathlon (United States Triathlon Association) to take place at the end of summer 16’.  I have been a swimmer and a runner all my life but had let myself go.  I was out of shape and sluggish.  The first AWESOME thing that the AlterG helped me do was get back into the swing of training!  I was able to run with decreased strain on my joints and run for a longer period of time.  This helped me shed the weight and retrain my body for longer distance running.  I am not sure that I would have been motivated enough to even get started on my journey if it had not been for the AlterG. In the peak of my training, I was logging 5-6 hours a day (35-40 hours a week) of working out.  This consisted of swimming, biking, running, and cross training such as weightlifting or yoga.  This training schedule was BRUTAL on my body (31 is not the spring chicken that I once was).  I was able to use the AlterG as a tool to help me recover while still getting cardiovascular benefits.  This was huge for my training!  A little too sore to run?  A little too tight? Instead of skipping, I would use the AlterG and get the workout in, and loosen up in the process.  Magical. One month out from race day; something very unfortunate happened to me.... While running on the trails, I stepped on a branch and lost my footing.  I did not know this at the time but I later found out that I had a grade 2 ankle sprain of the Anterior Talofibular ligament and my CFL as well.  I was devastated that all my hard work, all my time, was going to be all for nothing... My physician told me that swimming and biking should be ok to keep training but the running would be a no-go.  Having invested so much time and energy into training, I was looking for some way to be able to keep going.  I was able to successfully keep training with the AlterG, it became one of my best workout buddies.  From that point, all my running was done on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill (the next time I ran without the AlterG was during the race). On race day, I was confident that the AlterG training would help me power through the race...and I was correct.  I was not only able to compete, but my mile splits during the run portion were 9-11 seconds faster than I had anticipated even prior to injury.  I was able to win GOLD in my age group and actually qualified for the 2017 USTA Olympic Distance Masters Nationals in Omaha Nebraska. Thanks AlterG!  I could not have done it without you!

  • "They Give GREAT Care!'

    I had outstanding, awesome care for a problem in my right foot! I had pain in my big toe joint. It felt like a bunion and pushed out like a bunion! it was a calcium growth in the joint to the point of dislocation! It was fixed by Dr. Keith Tyson on Nov. 18! I am very pleased with my care from this group! I would recommend them! They give great care! -Diane

  • A Truly Satisfied Patient..

    I do not know where to begin to express how truly satisfied we have been with Martin Foot and Ankle. Everyone is so helpful and professional. Dr. Ruit Rocks - he takes his time and makes sure that you understand everything going on before, during, and after surgery. The support staff, nurses, and doctors - I really can't praise enough. Thank you all so-so much for helping my daughter through her recent ankle surgery!

  • Providing a welcoming and professional atmosphere is what the doctors and staff at Martin Foot and Ankle does.

    I have seen Dr. Younes for two issues with my left foot. One was treated quickly and the other required surgery. The preparation for the surgery and post-surgical visits allowed the doctor and staff to demonstrate their professionalism in working to bring patients to a better place. I trust in him, the staff with whom he works, and his colleagues. I have never had such a welcoming experience by medical personnel, and highly recommend Dr. Younes and Martin Foot and Ankle.