Patient ReviewWell, I've only visited Martin Foot and Ankle once, yesterday. Had been having big toe joint pain. Got the diagnosis of osteoarthritis and hallux rigidus. Not welcome news, but now at least I know what it is and what I can do about it going forward, from least aggressive treatment to most. -- But I was SO positively impressed with the efficiency and pleasantness of Dr Wilke, nurse Shannon and the front desk staff (Lititz office-I don't remember their names)! Then this morning I logged into the patient portal and was able to send Dr Wilke a follow up question. I also called to request "paper copies" of my X-rays, and immediately got sent the computerized images, again through the patient portal. Wow! The operations here are the most efficient I have ever experienced, and this is said from a former (now retired) health information manager. 
 PS - Also nice that the x-rays were performed right in the office and I did not have to have the delay of taking a script elsewhere. Dr Wilke had them "in hand" when she came into the examining room.

- Happy Patient!