I was training for my first individual triathlon (United States Triathlon Association) to take place at the end of summer 16’.  I have been a swimmer and a runner all my life but had let myself go.  I was out of shape and sluggish.  The first AWESOME thing that the AlterG helped me do was get back into the swing of training!  I was able to run with decreased strain on my joints and run for a longer period of time.  This helped me shed the weight and retrain my body for longer distance running.  I am not sure that I would have been motivated enough to even get started on my journey if it had not been for the AlterG.

In the peak of my training, I was logging 5-6 hours a day (35-40 hours a week) of working out.  This consisted of swimming, biking, running, and cross training such as weightlifting or yoga.  This training schedule was BRUTAL on my body (31 is not the spring chicken that I once was).  I was able to use the AlterG as a tool to help me recover while still getting cardiovascular benefits.  This was huge for my training!  A little too sore to run?  A little too tight? Instead of skipping, I would use the AlterG and get the workout in, and loosen up in the process.  Magical.

One month out from race day; something very unfortunate happened to me....

While running on the trails, I stepped on a branch and lost my footing.  I did not know this at the time but I later found out that I had a grade 2 ankle sprain of the Anterior Talofibular ligament and my CFL as well.  I was devastated that all my hard work, all my time, was going to be all for nothing...

My physician told me that swimming and biking should be ok to keep training but the running would be a no-go. 

Having invested so much time and energy into training, I was looking for some way to be able to keep going.  I was able to successfully keep training with the AlterG, it became one of my best workout buddies.  From that point, all my running was done on the Anti-Gravity Treadmill (the next time I ran without the AlterG was during the race).

On race day, I was confident that the AlterG training would help me power through the race...and I was correct.  I was not only able to compete, but my mile splits during the run portion were 9-11 seconds faster than I had anticipated even prior to injury.  I was able to win GOLD in my age group and actually qualified for the 2017 USTA Olympic Distance Masters Nationals in Omaha Nebraska.

Thanks AlterG!  I could not have done it without you!