Dear Dr. Mike, I owe you a big thank you for your intervention this past Monday, 1/26. It was my 1- year follow-up from ankle reconstruction surgery. My ankle has never been better, but that's not the main thrust of this note. You confirmed my diagnosis of a torn bicep tendon, called Dr. Kuntz's office and got me an appt. there same day in one hour. Dr. Kuntz also confirmed diagnosis and as you said, there is about a 2-3 week window to have the repair made. Surgery was able to be scheduled the next morning, 1/27, and pre-op work completed same morning, 1/26, back at Health Campus. I was also still able to keep a dermatologist appt. that afternoon. WOW, 3 doctors, pre-op work and surgery scheduled for next day, all accomplished that Monday. The weather helped expedite things due to cancellations, but your phone call was what made it all happen! Surgery went well and arm is healing in cast for 2 weeks. PLUS, YOUR WIFE WAS PART OF MY SURGICAL SCRUB TEAM! Seems like I owe a lot to the Younes family. You and Dr. Kuntz have allowed me to maintain my active life style and I am blessed and thankful that I am able to what I do at my age. I will continue to herald your praises by word of mouth and close with a huge THANK YOU! I trust that January, 2016 will not mean another surgery. Best to you and your family, TomColorful Thanks!

Tom G Lancaster, PA