I am a recent patient of Martin Physical Therapy. I have never dealt with a physical therapy clinic that was truly so dedicated to their patients. From the second I arrived to the second I Runningleft I was spoken too and taken care of by my PT and my PTA.

I am sure you are wondering why I was in PT in the first place. Well it all began about 3 years ago when I woke up and I literally could not move. I had injured my back so badly doing nothing (well nothing that I could ever remember) that I had to go straight to OSS and have a doctor look at it. There I was told to start PT while at school in order to qualify to receive an MRI. After completing PT in Indiana, PA and having them tell me that my one leg was just longer than the other I am happy they agreed to do an MRI because I still had no relief.

Once I got my results back from the MRI I felt like my life had changed forever. I was told that I had a back of a 54 year old at the age of 22, I am now 25. As many of you could imagine I burst out in tears because I thought the worst possibly things right away and didn’t think I could never run outside, play sports, pick up my nieces and nephews, etc.

Luckily, I have been able to manage my pain without getting any shots or having to take medicine every day. I’d been doing my stretches and being careful but I found that I don’t have to be as careful as I used to be now that I did PT at Martin Physical Therapy! I was taught different stretches and ab workouts to strengthen my core! But the best thing that I discovered so far is the AlterG an Anti-Gravity Treadmill!

I have NEVER ran 2 miles in my life at least not a straight run without breaks and I did it in this machine prior to re-injuring my back on a roller coaster at Knoebels! The AlterG gives your body the effect of being on the moon by decreasing the gravity around your lower body up to 80 percent! I normally take my body weight down to 65-70 so that I am still getting a cardiovascular work out.

Because I am so passionate about this machine I have decided to keep track of my workouts and share with you my accomplishments in hope that you realize what this machine can do and hopefully share my experiences with someone else that this machine may be able to help!

If you have questions about this machine give Martin Physical Therapy a call at 717-757-3537 ext 7140!

Until next time…

AlterG Believer