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Martin Foot & Ankle

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Trust your feet to the very best professionals. We at Martin Foot and Ankle strive to provide the very best in patient treatment and care. Check out why others recommend the podiatrists at Martin Foot and Ankle in Hanover, Lancaster, Litiz, and York, PA.

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  • The doctors, nurses, receptionists, and physical therapists at Martin Foot & Ankle are all phenomenal. They definitely set the bar high!

    I have been to the Martin Foot & Ankle York office to see Dr. Yorgason for a bunion on my left foot and later, when I moved, to the Lancaster office to see Dr. Younes for a bunion on my right foot. I was very happy with the service at both offices. Both doctors ultimately performed surgery for the bunions and both had me go to post-surgical physical therapy to help with recovery. I LOVE that Martin Foot & Ankle has its own physical therapy centers. I lived in Maryland for 2 years between living in York and Lancaster. I visited a podiatrist there for some ankle problems and definitely found it lacking compared to Martin Foot & Ankle (not bad – just not as good). The doctors, nurses, receptionists, and physical therapists at Martin Foot & Ankle are all phenomenal. Honestly – if you have any type of problem involving your feet or ankles and you live near one of their clinics, do yourself a favor and go see them. You won’t be disappointed. They definitely set the bar high!

  • Martin Foot And Ankle has been a huge positive factor in my life.

    Martin Foot And Ankle has been a huge positive factor in my life. I could not walk when I went in, after an injection I could walk when I left. Martin Foot and Ankle inform all of us about the best practices for our feet on social media's. They have Convenient Office locations, literature, posts in healthcare magazines, Great staff, and great docs, all are a plus for me. During a Wellspan appointment, I read articles from Martin Foot and Ankle in a Wellspan's patient newletter. The information is free and encourages you to do what I did, make that appointment. It worked for me, I asked myself, 'If my feet hurt and I can't walk correctly, why am I trying to get pain relief for my body without a Foot Doctor first?" Martin Foot and Ankle was the best answer I could think of.  Kathy Knitter

  • Dr. Younes helped with my recovery.

    I felt very comfortable and confident with Dr. Younes. He explained everything in great detail and told me how to improve my foot. He was great and I am making a good recovery.I highly recommend him. -Debby

  • A big thank you to Dr. Younes and his staff!

    A big thank you to the staff and especially to Dr. Younes. The staff was very nice. Dr. Younes took his time with me and went to my level of understanding because of my handicap. He treated me like a regular person. He didn't rush me, with my surgery.... You are a great doctor Every time I went to Dr. Younes, he came in and high five me. Thank you so much! May God bless you!

  • MFA would be my first choice!

    I never have been to a foot and ankle specialist before, but I know if I ever needed to be seen again for foot or ankle issues, Martin foot and ankle would be my first choice . Hands down!

  • I am glad I got a second opinion at MFA!

    So glad a friend recommend Dr. Younes at Martin Foot and Ankle! They took the time to listen to me and did a great job explaining my issue and treatment options beyond surgery. I also enjoyed his sense of humor. I am so happy I got a second option here. I previously went to an Orthopedic Group that signed me up for the surgery table within two minutes of meeting with me, What a night and day experience! I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Younes and Martian Foot and Ankle! 

  • Very Courteous and Professional!

    The staff at Martin Foot and Ankle is very courteous and professional in their approach to patient healthcare from check-in time to check-out. Dr. Michael Younes exceeded all of my expectations both in diagnosis, explanation of treatment/surgery, and his ability to explain in medial terms what to expect from surgery through the total recovery period. He was spot on! I highly recommend Dr. Michael Younes of Martin Foot and Ankle and the entire staff. They are great!!    -FB Review

  • My Road to Recovery from my heel spur!

    Thank you to all the staff and especially to Dr. Dunkerley for fixing my heel spur. I'm on the road to recovery; and I know everyone is going to help me through! I highly recommend Martin Foot and Ankle for any foot problems. -FB Review

  • They went above and beyond to treat my daughter!

    These specialist are very intelligent and know what they are talking about. After seeing other specialist to try and figure out my daughters joint, ankle and ligament issues Martin Foot and Ankle went over and beyond professionalism and diagnostics. Finally someone whom had answers. Would highly recommend them. Can't say enough about their personalities either. Very friendly!!

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  • A very satisfied patient whom travels from Carlisle to see her favorite doctor at Martin Foot and Ankle!

    I have been coming to Martin Foot and Ankle since March 2016 with heel pain had X-rays done and it turned out to be Plantar Fasciitis in both of my heels.Dr. Mulhern diagnosed it right away and was very helpful in what I could do to get it pain free, we did injections physical therapy and it worked for awhile then after coming to them for a year and I was still having problems we decided surgery would be the best option because I didn't just have the fasciitis I also had ankle instability with torn tendons etc. The ankle instability was part of the reason I was having the heel pain, therefore ankle reconstructive surgery was the best route to go I am now 2 weeks after surgery and am doing good. I still have ways to go before I can walk. I would not go anywhere else. I recommend Dr. Mulhern and Martin Foot and ankle to everyone they have the best staff and therapy. Dr. Mulhern cares for her patients well being. She explained the procedure and what had to be done and was upfront with the recovery time and what might or might not happen. I appreciate the time and care she gave me and my family. I lived in Lancaster when I first started coming to Dr. Mulhern and have since moved to Carlisle I still come to Martin Foot and Ankle would not change to another office the drive is worth it. Thank you Dr.Mulhern and Martin Foot and Ankle staff in Lancaster! Becky