I have been to the Martin Foot & Ankle York office to see Dr. Yorgason for a bunion on my left foot and later, when I moved, to the Lancaster office to see Dr. Younes for a bunion on my right foot. I was very happy with the service at both offices. Both doctors ultimately performed surgery for the bunions and both had me go to post-surgical physical therapy to help with recovery. I LOVE that Martin Foot & Ankle has its own physical therapy centers. I lived in Maryland for 2 years between living in York and Lancaster. I visited a podiatrist there for some ankle problems and definitely found it lacking compared to Martin Foot & Ankle (not bad – just not as good). The doctors, nurses, receptionists, and physical therapists at Martin Foot & Ankle are all phenomenal. Honestly – if you have any type of problem involving your feet or ankles and you live near one of their clinics, do yourself a favor and go see them. You won’t be disappointed. They definitely set the bar high!Patient