Plantar warts are skin growths on the bottoms of your feet caused by a virus. Warts develop because of direct contact with the virus, usually entering the skin through tiny cuts or breaks. Initially warts can be mistaken for corns or calluses. Warts typically have little black, brown, or red spots, are sometimes well-defined and round in appearance. Sometimes they are painful, but many times are not. There are many ways to treat warts and no wart treatment works 100% of the time. Our preferred treatment is relatively painless. Laser surgery may be utilized as well. For more resistant warts, sometimes medication or aminotherapy is used to kill the virus.

Prevention is key to reducing the risk of contracting Plantar warts. You should wear sandals around pools and locker rooms. Please, if you have a wart, come in right away. It is so much easier to treat a small wart. If you wait and they spread, treatment becomes much more difficult.