Martin Foot and AnkleYou’re never more aware of how valuable and necessary your feet and ankles are than when something happens to them. Once they are uncomfortable or your mobility is compromised, you are reminded just how much you rely on your lower limbs in your everyday life. Fortunately, the experienced doctors at Martin Foot and Ankle are passionate about listening to your concerns and working with you to restore your health.

Don’t wait to seek help in eliminating your discomfort. The sooner a problem in your feet and ankles is addressed, the easier it is to remedy. Rather than letting an easily-managed issue degenerate into a chronic problem, contact Martin Foot and Ankle. We have multiple well-equipped locations available serving the Hanover, York, Lititz and Lancaster areas. You can reach our scheduling department to ask questions or make an appointment by calling (717) 757-3537 or (844) 899-6961 Fax (717) 718-9701

You can also fill out the following form and we will get back to you—answering your questions or helping you make an appointment as soon as we are able. If your situation is an emergency, we urge you to call us directly.

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